Ukraine’s ANTIWAR movement condemns massacre of civilian populations

SWEDHR Research & Report. Vol 1., No 7


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Victoria Shilova is under “criminal prosecution” by the Poroshenko government in Ukraine for opposing the mobilization and massacre of civilians. SWEDHR has translated the French subtitles of the newly published video by the leader of the Ukrainian movement ANTIWAR. 

SWEDHR [Swedish Professors & Doctors For Human Rights], advocates for the defense of free speech in Ukraine, and denounces the prosecution of Victoria Shilova and ANTIWAR for expressing their views VS. the mobilization and the war crimes perpetrated against the civilians of Donbass.


Good day [in Russian and Ukrainian]

My name is Victoria Shilova. I am the leader of the movement ANTIWAR, and deputy [MP] of the Regional Council of Dniepropetrovsk.

I wish to tell everybody that it has been activated against me a “criminal prosecution for sabotage” on the military mobilization.

I hereby confirm, that I, Victoria Shilova, and we at the movement ANTIWAR, we are against the mobilization, and against the MASSACRE OF CIVIL POPULATIONS.

We do not want that the Ukrainian soldiers continue to die

[We are] Against all this chaos and unlimited arbitrary;

Against the unleashing of blood befallen since several months in my cherished motherland.

I would like to put forward one question:

I you consider that the mobilization is legitimate,

Why, then, the state of war and the state of emergency have not been declared, as it is required by the constitution and legislation of Ukraine?

Why the STATE OF WAR not been declared?

I shall tell you why,

Because, then, those in power will not be getting more financing, and [instead] they would be themselves officially declared WAR CRIMINALS.

Our movement [ANTIWAR] and its supporters have denounced since long ago that the power in Ukraine is in the hands of war criminals.

And I am convinced that such power will end up at the accused’s bench in court. For their bloody slaughtering they have caused in Donbass, as well the fratricide war. It will not be in any other way that their political course will end up. 

The [Porosehnko’s decreed] mobilization is illegal.

And the mobilization is not only illegal: It is criminal and it is against the Constitution of Ukraine.

7,000 civilians have been killed, 500 children among them.

Total numbers of Ukrainian deaths at both sides of the “front line” rises to 30,000.

Who will be held accountable for all this. For all these decrees ordering the mobilization?

Who will answer for this lawless state inside the State?

The law of the jungle.

It is the jungle’s law which is reigning in Ukraine.

This partition of power has thrown Ukraine into a bloodbath.

And we do not see [the light] at the end of the tunnel.

Those in power know perfectly well that if the war would ceased to exist, they would disappear in less than two weeks.

Battalions are now advancing towards Kiev. Even the military do not wish war. Not because they would be morally defeated, but because they do not want to combat their own people.

For me,Victoria Shilova, as well as for the 99 per cent of the Ukrainian population, there in no difference whether people would come from Lvov or Donbass, from Kiev or from Kherson.

It is the same Ukrainian blood, Slavic Ortodox, which is in our veins. That blood that today is poured over Donbass.

Those who send our soldiers to kill the civilian population, to kill the miners, the chemists, the steel workers, do not have anything in common with our blood and nation.

They are to us solely strangers. They do not share soul, neither faith or blood with us.

Do remember Taras Chevtchenko [Ukrainian poet and author 1814-1861]: “The people is a unity of persons sharing the same blood and same spirit.” Does this union exits between the people and those in power in Ukraine? 

NO, it doesn’t. 

The current power in Ukraine is called OLIGARCHY.

A criminal oligarchy has seized the power in Ukraine.

That is why I repeat:

I confirm, I am against the mobilization.

I am for LIFE, for Ukraine, for the Ukrainian people, no matter where thy live.

As regarding those in power, they shall be found  guilty of war crimes. Thy will found themselves in the accused bench at the International Criminal Court of La Haya.

You will see. We shall be the testimonies.

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