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Swedish Professors & Doctors For Human Rights (SWEDHR) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization formed with the participation of Swedish professors, PhDs, medical doctors and university researchers in the medical sciences and health-related disciplines. This participation is purely voluntary and made on a private basis. SWEDHR’s statements represent solely the members of this organization, not all Swedish doctors or any other institution or professional/academic association that the participants in SWEDHR are associated with. SWEDHR follows both the United Nations doctrine on Human Rights and ethical norms according to the World Medical Association’s Ethical Declaration of Helsinki. Read on SWEDHR aims in our Foundation Manifest.

Swedish Doctors For Human Rights  is not only a non-profit organization; it is also an organization that aims to be independent from economic transactions of any sort. Also, we are devoted solely to international issues in the human rights front. At difference with other organizations of this type in Sweden, SWEDHR a) do not administrate funds of any kind, b) it do not hold neither asks economic sponsoring from any governmental, corporative or private institution; c) it do not collect fees (meddlemsavgift) from its supporters; d) it do not campaign on economic-related issues associated with our HR endeavours.

We also believe that abstaining from the aforementioned possibility of external contributions is one way of maintaining absolute independence and credibility regarding unbiased reporting of HR issues.

SWEDHR is open for the altruistic participation of any interested doctor sharing the aforementioned research interests. To know about membership at SWEDHR, which can be public or protected, please read chapter 2.1. Membership in the organization’s bylaws.  For further questions, comments, or if you wish to contribute in our publications online, contact: info@swedhr.org

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