Speech by SWEDHR vice-chairman, Prof Anders Romelsjö, at the Stockholm demonstration on the Yemen war

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                    SWEDHR Research & Reports. Vol 3., N° 59, 29 March 2017


SWEDHR Research & Reports have done a translation of the speech delivered by Vice-chairman Prof Anders Romelsjö, at the demonstration against the war in Yemen in Stockholm, March 26, 2017.

[Ladies and gentlemen]:

I am the vice chairman of Swedish Doctors For Human Rights, SWEDHR.

This is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) focused on research and information regarding health issues, war Professor Anders Romelsjö – The_Indictercrimes and violations of human rights in the world. We also expose violations of human rights against governments, organizations or individuals that have denounced war crimes.

Health problems arising in wars is an important issue within human rights, but at the same time is a theme that has been neglected by most established HR NGOs. We instead work from a unique platform that is independent of governments or partisan interests. We act on the basis of the UN Declaration on human rights and the ethical standards of the World Medical Association.

  • We neither seek sponsorship nor receive financial support from governments or corporate entities.

Among the SWEDHR denouncing that have deserve international coverage it is found:

  • The bombing by the US of a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.
  • The attack on the Trade Union’s House in Odessa, Ukraine on May 2, 2014
  • United States drone strikes that killed thousands of civilians.
  • The use of torture.
  • The treatment by Sweden, UK and the United States of the Julian Assange case; the US management of the situations of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.
  • The danger that means for Sweden’s national security a further involvement in NATO
  • The flawed mainstream reporting around the MH17 accident.
  • The war crimes perpetrated against the population of Donbass, Ukraine.
  • The medical malpractices showed in the ‘White Helmets’ videos and its misuse of children for propaganda aims.

In our capacity of independent NGO and as volunteer organization of health professionals active in the field of human rights and the anti-war movement, it is natural for us to protest against the brutal war in Yemen. Clearly, these attacks are also aimed at the civilian population and the compromising of its of food supply. Mass starvation has already been reported and this situation causes increased vulnerability to diseases of various kinds. The fragile health care system in this impoverished country is seriously damaged, thus increasing the misery, mortality and morbidity with risk of permanent severe consequences for the Yemenite population.

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