Assange has already been interrogated

SWEDHR Research & Reports. Vol 2., N° 49, 17 August 2016

By Dick Sundevall *

It is now claimed that Julian Assange is “finally going to be interrogated” by the Swedish prosecutor. We’ll see what happens with it. During the past six years we have not seen any ‘excessive willingness’ from the part of the Swedish legal establishment to conduct a hearing. Moreover, Assange has been already interrogated.

   Karin Rosander, Director of Prosecution, declared the following to the Swedish news agency TT:

– This investigation has been ongoing since 2010. Actually, all the investigative measures have been carried out, except for the interrogation of the suspect. This is obviously extremely important to the investigation. It is crucial to be able to decide whether to prosecute or not, said Rosander.

   Feel free to read what she says again. What is she saying? Does not she know that he is already interviewed – or she tries to hide it? He was interrogated when he was still in Sweden. And the last thing he says in the interview that he is available if there is anything more they want to hear him. But it turned out, neither the police nor prosecutors any interest. Nor had they any objection to that, he flew to London. But then started the circus.

   In all the years that have passed since then, Assange has been willing to be interviewed in London. But in the case of Asange this could not be considered by the Swedish police and prosecutors. In other cases, however, this  went well. Then offered Assange to move from the Ecuador’s embassy in London to the corresponding embassy in Stockholm, so he could be interrogated there. But neither it was accepted by the prosecutor.

   The argument of the prosecution has been that, if after hearing Assange they would decide to prosecute him, so it is not sure that he would appear for trial in Sweden, because he was under the protection of  an embassy.

   Since when have prosecutors and police officers stop an investigation because something might happen in a next step? Answer: It has never happened before or since, when it comes to suspicions regarding a felony. The police investigation is performed as far as it goes. If it then stop somewhere along the way, you get to deal with the problem then.

   Years passed and finally got the Svea Court of Appeal enough and made it clear that if nothing happened on the issue would warrant of arrest in respect Assange lifted. Then began the prosecutor reluctantly to contact the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. And now, after a few more trips should it therefore be an interrogation. But as I said – it remains to be seen.

   But if he is innocent, it is well just to get here and sort it all out, someone might think. According to Swedish law, he would not be extradited to the US, it is claimed by some lawyers.  If I was in Assange’s clothes I would not trust that. Neither the current nor the previous government has shown that they dare to stand up against the United States – if they clearly and forcefully ask something.

   If you read the police investigation, see link below, [1] you will be reasonably concluded that this investigation should be discontinued. This for the simple reason that crime is not proven. If there is a hearing and subsequently reasonably come to just that – so this process has now taken six years!




* Publisher of Magasinet Para§raf.

Text in Swedish is found at “Assange är redan förhörd”.

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